My first GitHub blog post

published by Ben Allen

I was super proud to get my first blog post, How we're continuing to enable all developers to build, published on GitHub's blog. It was a fun experience and I'm happy with how it turned out.

The writing process looked like this:

  1. I wrote a draft in Google Docs
  2. The draft is reviewed by different teams within GitHub:
    1. The accessibility team
    2. The legal team
    3. The content team
  3. I update the draft to account for feedback
  4. The draft is published
  5. Share the post with the community
    1. GitHub social media
    2. My own social media
  6. Gather feedback from the community and respond

The review process

The accessibility team is checking the content for accuracy and making sure the post covers everything that we want to discuss. The content team are grammar and style police - they make edits to ensure the post is consistent, in terms of voice and tone, with the rest of the blog.

It was interesting to work with a content team. I found it difficult to let go of my own voice and writing style because it feels strange to read something that you authored and not recognise it as your own. That said, I was glad for the experience and happy to get feedback on my writing.

Future posts

I'm looking forward to writing my next GitHub post. All of my posts will be listed under my author page, Benjamin Allen's articles on the GitHub blog. If you're interested in GitHub accessibility and want to read more, many authors are writing about accessibility. You can find all of the posts using the accessibility tag on the GitHub blog.

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