Podcasts I love

Podcasts are great. I use podcasting as a kind of geek radio. It's a great way to hear from the pros on some very specific topics. The sheer number of podcasts makes finding the hidden gems a real chore so I thought it might be useful if I list out a few of the podcasts which I think are great.

Clean Energy

  • The Energy Gang - Stephen Lacey, Katherine Hamilton, Jigar Shah host a weekly digest on energy, clean-tech and the environment.
  • A Matter of Degrees - Dr. Leah Stokes and Dr. Katharine Wilkinson tell stories about the powerful forces behind climate change — and the tools we have to fix it.

Product Management

  • The Everyday Innovator - Chad McAllister, PhD interviews different Product Managers and shares their lessons learned
  • Exponent - a podcast about tech and society hosted by Ben Thompson, of Stratechery fame, and James Allworth


  • This Week In Google - Leo Laporte & friends deal with everything Google. The Google fanboy-dom is impressive
  • Talk Python To Me - Michael Kennedy interviews all sorts of cool folks from the Python Community
  • Python Bytes - Michael Kennedy and Brian Okken run through news and headlines related to the Python Community
  • Cool Tools - Mark Frauenfelder and Kevin Kelly interview amazingly creative people about the uncommon, and uncommonly good tools they use


Story Telling

  • The Moth podcast - true stories told without notes, just great story telling
  • This American Life - social commentary and story telling from the always likeable Ira Glass


My tastes change and time is limited. Podcasts I used to listen to:

  • The Bugle - hysterical satire starring John Oliver
  • All About Android - Jason Howell & friends discuss all the latest and greatest surrounding the Android platform & the mobile space in general
  • Tech Weekly from the Guardian - great for keeping up to date with tech current affairs
  • Killer Innovations - Phil McKinney talks on a range of tech topics. All interviews have an innovation theme
  • WordPress Community podcast - Joost de Valk talks to some awesome WordPress geeks. Great if you use WordPress
  • Six Pixels of Separation - Mitch Joel does some great interviews with a whole slew of Internet geeks. I'd avoid the media hacks edition

Last updated: Sun 15 November 2020