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Ben Allen Blog - one year on

published by Ben Allen

At the start of 2010 I setup this blog to start a discussion on topics I have a passion for and to learn more about blogging, writing and the web in general. I feel it's appropriate to look back on 2010 and ask "what have I learnt?".

It's a long …

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What's the point? Test, learn, grow

published by Ben Allen

Who is Ben Allen?

I'm British, I live in Chicago, IL and I love the Internet. I think the creativity it fosters and the opportunities it presents are incredible. My focus for the last 5 years or so has been the web, web usability and more generally the customer centred …

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Hello world!

published by Ben Allen

Currently putting together a little blog to talk about my experiences & hopefully share some wisdom. Should all be good to go for early January 2010. If you cannot wait until then:

Stay tuned folks. Cannot wait to get this up and running …

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